The mission of the Division of Financial Affairs is to participate as a proactive partner in fulfilling Georgetown University’s mission of teaching, research, scholarship, service and identity by planning, developing, and providing professional accounting, reporting, financial services and support to:

  • Provide campus leadership with an effective control system to safeguard University assets
  • Issue accurate and timely financial information
  • Issue timely and accurate payments to employees, vendors and other service providers
  • Develop and communicate policies and procedures necessary to ensure proper compliance with the University’s mission and all applicable laws and regulations
  • Maintain an accurate and effective accounting reporting system
  • Promote and monitor an effective internal control structure to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulatory agencies
  • Enhance business operations and internal controls by taking advantage of enhanced technology
  • Promote fiscal accountability and integrity
  • Enhance internal operations by the adoption and implementation of best practices, policies and procedures.
  • Adhere to professional standards for the processing and reporting of university business.

Click the following link for the September 12, 2014 Financial Users Group Meeting Presentation