ACH Payments Form


Banking FBAR Acknowledgment Form

(PDF)FA 105-13 A

Budget Revision Form (Print Version)

(Excel) Budget Revision Form Instructions

Cost Center Maintenance Form


Employee FBAR Acknowledgement Form


Employee Mobile Devices Tax Compliance Form

(PDF) FA 129-13A

Employee Reimbursement Form


Endowment Funding Approval Form

(Word) FA 138-08

Entities and Presence Policy Form

(PDF) FA 177A-13

Equipment Disposal Form


Equipment Transfer & Disposal Form


Equipment Transfer Form


Expense Voucher (EV) Form

(Excel) Enter data before printing

Expense Voucher Authorization Form


Expense Voucher Form


Financial Access+ Request Form
(WEB Client)

(Word) Instructions Included

Foreign Drafts

(Excel) Instructions Included

Gift Award & Price Policy Form

(PDF) FA 162-13B

Gift Policy Payroll Form

(PDF) FA 162-13C

Gift Receipt Form

(PDF) FA 162-13A

GU Addendum for Electronically Protected Information (ePI)


GU Addendum for Tent and Event Equipment Rental


GU Addendum for Transportation


GU Amendment to Contract Form - Businesses


GU Amendment to Contract Form - Individuals/Sole Proprietors


GU Consulting Agreement

Word - Template

GU ICA Tax Questionnaire


GU Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) - Individuals/Sole Proprietors

Word - Template

GU Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)


GU Request for Waiver of Insurance Form


GU Standard Agreement - International

Word - Template

GU Standard Agreement - Domestic

Word - Template

GU Addendum for Protection of Minors


GU Contract Transmittal Form (CTF)


GU Purchase Requisition Form


GU Sole Source Justification Form


GU UIS Checklist


Interdepartmental Invoice

(Excel) Interdepartmental Invoice Instructions

Internet Business Application

(PDF) See Interim Internet Business Policy

Journal Voucher Form (obs)
Use Journal Entry Upload below

Journal Voucher Instructions

PeopleTools Access Request Form
(Windows Client)

(Excel) Instructions Included

Receipt of Payment form

(PDF) FA 114-07A

Request for Wire Transfer Form

Excel - Download to Complete

Salary Overpayment Notification Form


Sales Tax Form

Sales Tax Form Instructions

SAO Overdraft Resolution Form


Signature Authorization Form


Stop Payment Form (Excel)


Student Account Adjustment

(PDF) Form to post charges or credits to a student's account.

Void Transmittal Form (Excel)


W-9 Form (Vendor Registration Form)

Tax Department

Upload Spreadsheets

These spreadsheets are for users with PeopleSoft logins who wish to upload journals directly to the system. Check here periodically to insure you have the latest version.

Journal Entry Upload
   Using Excel Spreadsheet JV Instructions


Non RX Payroll Cost Allocation (GMS or Genesys)
  (Instructions on Instructions tab in the Excel upload spreadsheet.)
Instructions for Upload and Edit Non RX Payroll JV


Interdepartmental Invoice Upload
   Upload Instructions


Budget Revision Upload
   Upload Instructions


ProCard Charges Reallocation Template
   ProCard Charges Reallocation Template Instructions


Project (RX) Budget Revision Upload
   Project (RX) Budget Upload Instructions


Student Data Adjustment Upload
   Student Data Adjustment Upload Instructions