Journal Upload – Interdepartmental Invoice Journal Voucher Instructions

An Interdepartmental Invoice Journal Upload Voucher is used to record charges or credits to another department for (non-payroll) goods and services using the proper Source and Reference No. Codes. The articles furnished or the services rendered should be similar in nature and should support the account code used to charge the department. The Interdepartmental Invoice Journal Upload Voucher should be used only when the department is charged for a service (account 72XXX) and the service department is receiving a credit. If the service was provided to a Georgetown department the credit should be 72990 credits for services. If the service was provided to an external party the credit should be a revenue 55xxx. Complete separate forms for articles or services furnished which are different in nature.

Do Not Use this Form to adjust salary transactions (70100 through 70400 series of accounts). Use the payroll journal voucher form as appropriate. Do not transfer pre-encumbrances or encumbrances on this form. Do not make any transfers of fringe benefits or indirect costs on this or any other form. These adjustments will be made automatically by the system.

  1. Go to our Forms page.
  2. Click on the link “Interdepartmental Invoice Upload” in the “Upload Spreadsheets” section. The screen will ask you what you want to do with the file: Save it or Open it.Click “Open” followed by “Okay”. You will then get a Macro warning – click “Enable” macro.
  3. The screen will then show a Interdepartmental Invoice Form. Enter the today’s date. Enter your Journal ID (10 characters).
  4. Journal ID: The Journal ID number will be created using your operator ID, the fiscal year, and then sequential numbering. Example: JLRF030001, JLRF030002, etc.
  5. Operator ID: Enter your HR network ID which is usually the same as your GroupWise ID. You can obtain your HR network ID by entering your last name in the network ID facility at the website: guweb/netid.
  6. Source: Enter the proper source code (eg, SAO represents Sponsored Accounting Office). The Source codes are listed in the chart of accounts in the general ledger.
  7. Explanation of Entries: A clear and complete explanation of the entries must always be provided at the bottom of the voucher or in an attached memo. 
  8. Invoice Number:  The number listed on the invoice document that was provided to the department.
  9. Invoice Date: The date on the invoice document that was provided to the department.
  10. Line Description: Complete this section using no more than 21 characters. This line will appear on your accounting reports and is used to identify transactions. When appropriate, identify an adjustment, correction, reversal or transfer ("ADJ", "COR", "REV", "TRF") in the line description. For bank deposits, wires, charges, and transfers, include the date (MMDDYY) of the bank transaction.
  11. Service Month: The month that the service was provided to the department. Each month is to be separately listed (i.e., December = 12)
  12. Service Year: The four digit year that the service was provided to the department.
  13. Amount: Record the amount in dollars and cents.
  14. Debit, Credit, Cost Center: Fill in with valid Account, Fund, and Organization (or Cost Center) numbers.
  15. Prepared By: The preparer should print their full name, department name, campus address or location, telephone extension, and date of preparation.
  16. Approved By: The journal voucher should be approved by the department head in the department or area of the University to which you report. If the preparer is the department head, then the preparer’s supervisor should approve the form. A preparer should not approve his or her own journal voucher. Use of a rubber stamp imprint of a department head’s signature is not appropriate.
  17. Completed Form: When you have completed the entire form, select the “Finish” button. If errors are detected, fix those and click YES to any messages about existing files. The spreadsheet will be saved to your PC under C:\Temp\.The file will be named by the {journal id} assigned and today’s date (the date you complete it).Example: JLRF030001-072103.
  18. If approval and training for uploading II journal vouchers has been completed, follow the SAO Policy and Procedures entitled “PROCEDURES FOR DEPartments UPLOADING JOURNAL VOUCHERS/COST TRANSFER FORMS”. Otherwise, send the voucher to the SAO mailbox (
  19. If the vouchers are uploaded in the department, the interdepartmental invoice journal voucher and all supporting documentation should be approved and filed appropriately. All audit reviews and inquiries will use departmental documents for verification and appropriate accounting practices.