Accounting for Applicable Credits

FA 174-14

Accounting for Foreign Currency

FA 135-05

Accounting for Pledges Receivable

FA 180-14

Advance (At Risk) Accounts

FA 179-14

Approved Instances for Pick Up of Accounts Payable Checks


Approval/Signature Authorization

FA 127-14

Approval/Signature Authority Matrix

FA 127A-14

Bid Guidelines and Sole Source Purchases Policy

FA 123-06

FA 160-13

Business Asset - Capital Equipment

FA 130-05

Cash Advance Policy

FA 174-09

Certificate of Insurance database


Check Distribution - Payroll

FA 133-03

Clinical Trials

FA 119-06

Computer and Peripherals Acquisition Procedures

FA 165-08

Construction in Progress (CIP) and Software in Progress (SIP) Capitalization

FA 166-08

Contracts Policy

FA 102-08

Depositing Cash or Checks

FA 115-03

Distribution of Vendor Payments

FA 150-05

Employee Mobile Devices Tax Compliance

FA 129-13

Entities and Presence Policy

FA 177-13

Foreign Currency Accounting

FA 135-05

FWS Program Reconciliation

FA 176-14

Gift Policy

FA 162-14

Joint Venture Policy

FA 180-14

Merchant Payments, Processing

FA 140-03

Payroll Advances

Link to HR Manual #1010

Payroll Stop Payment

FA 109-03

Payroll Withholding Forms Policy


Petty Cash & Imprest Checking Accounts

FA 141-14

ProCard Policy

FA 161-07

Record Retention and Destruction Policy

FA 100-14

Reimbursement Policy

FA 112B-12

Reimbursements - Business Travel

FA 112A-12

Reimbursements for Terminated Employees

FA 112C-03

Reporting Cash Transactions

FA 181-14

Returned Checks

FA 137-03

Salary Overpayment Policy and Correction Procedures /w Form

FA 164-08

Service Agreement Policy

FA 157-12

SAO Accounting for Program Income

FA 172-09

SAO Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects

FA 132-09

SAO Disclosure Statement (DS2)


SAO Cost Transfer on Sponsored Projects

FA 113-11

SAO Effort Reporting

FA 131-09

SAO Financial Reporting and Closeouts

FA 158-09

SAO Overdraft Monitoring Policy

FA 149-04

SAO Participant Costs

FA 107-03

SAO Reserve for Losses on Grants & Contracts

FA 163-07

SAO Service Center Policy

FA 122-04

SAO Subrecipient Monitoring

FA 143-05

SAO Transfer of Unobligated Balances

FA 146-04

SAO Unallowable Costs(Cost Handbook)

Post Award Manual - SAO

Student Employees- FICA

HR Policy #1012

Student Refund Processing

FA 147-04

Student Status Change Reporting

FA 178-14

Tax Treatment and Reporting of Moving Expenses

Policy 1014

Tax Treatment and Reporting of Athletic and Other Events

HR Policy #1015

Tax Treatment of University Provided Vehicles (HR Policy 1013)

FA 167-14

Tax Treatment of University Provided Vehicles (HR Policy 1013)

FA 167-14

Tax Treatment of Subsidized University Housing for Officers, Faculity and Staff Members

FA 169-14 / HR Policy #1016

Tuition Remission Tax Liability

FA 103-02

Unallowable Costs Travel Table - See Business Travel


Unclaimed Deposits of Wire Transfers

FA 120-03