Supplier Setup


Supplier Setup and Supplier Record Update Requests Overview

Please check to see if you already have a GU GMS Supplier ID number before registering.

  • US Citizens and Entities that are unable to complete the Registration Portal (e.g. foreign address), may register by completing the Supplier Request Form and then by either uploading a Form W-9 by e-mail to or by uploading it directly by clicking here. Internal GU Departments may request a new Supplier ID number on behalf of a Supplier via the Supplier Request Form if the W-9 was completed and signed by the Supplier. All documents must be submitted as one PDF and named the legal name of the Suppler. JPEG and Zip files are not accepted. 




  • Requests to update a Supplier in the 'Reimbursement' or 'Non-Reportable Student' Supplier Category to a regular 'Other' Supplier so that payment (e.g., award, honorarium) can be made by 1) requesting the change through the Supplier Request Form, 2) next complete, sign and save as one PDF the appropriate tax form (i.e. Form W-9, Form W-8BEN, or Form W-8BEN-E) with a filename matching your legal name, 3) on the same day of your Supplier Form request, e-mail the document securely as follows:

              For U.S. tax documents (Form W-9) send to
              For Non-U.S. tax documents (Form W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E), send to  

  • To request ACH payments, complete and sign this ACH Form. Save the file as your Supplier ID (SUP-XXXXXXX.PDF). Securely upload the form via e-mail to or upload it directly by clicking here. Please note that making an ACH change request here will not update your Viewpost banking information if you have elected this payment method. Updating your Viewpost banking information will not update your banking information for ACH payment directly from the University.

The Tax Department does not recommend registering as a 'Non-Reportable Student' or 'Reimbursement' Supplier since it may create delays with future payments. Payment types listed in the 'NON-REPORTABLE PAYMENTS' section do not generate Form 1099 or Form 1042-S reporting for regular Supplier payee registrations.

The Tax Department does NOT provide personal income tax advice to students or employees, nor does it issue Form W-2 or Form 1098-T.

  • All Form W-2 questions should be directed to the Payroll Department at 


  • All Form 1098-T questions should be directed to the Student Accounts Department at 


  • All other requests (e.g. Form 1099-MISC or Form 1042-S related requests) should be made via the Supplier Request Form. Allow 3 - 5 business days for your request to be processed. 


The Tax Department's e-mail address is Please DO NOT e-mail tax-related documents to our office.

Payments to US Citizens and Entities

Financial Affairs requires prospective U.S. suppliers to submit FATCA compliant W-9 information online in order to be set up as a University supplier. This process allows the Tax Department to accurately and efficiently compare the supplier's data to the IRS’s records and the State Department’s debarred lists for risk assessment. If the supplier’s legal name matches its tax identification number (TIN), such as an Employer ID Number (EIN) or Social Security Number (SSN) and the supplier is not listed as a possible match on a debarred State Department list, the supplier will generally be active in Workday Financials by COB on the second business day from online submission (i.e. a supplier registers on-line on Monday, the IRS and debarment review would be completed on Tuesday and if the supplier passes both reviews, it will appear active in Workday Financials for payment on Wednesday).

Steps for Payee Account Registration:

  1. All Georgetown University payees must appear as active in Workday Financials before payment can be requested. You can view active suppliers in Workday by typing 'GU Find Supplier' in the search box on GMS or by reviewing the list of active suppliers, here.
  2. If a supplier is not active in GMS, the individual must request a supplier ID (SUP-XXXXXXX) by submitting Form W-9 information here (please note that the University's on-line supplier setup portal will not allow for foreign addresses. See the section on exceptions to online form submission below.)

  3. The supplier will receive automatic update e-mails through out the registration process. If setup is denied, contact the Tax Department to resolve.

Exceptions to online form submission:

  • If a supplier is unable to complete an online W-9 form, the vendor has the option of completing paper Form W-9. Once completed and signed, please follow the instructions in the overview above.  The form may also be mailed to our office at 2121 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Suite 400 or fax to 202-687-5758.

Please note that there is a modified process for payments to clinical and research participants.

Suppler Information change requests (i.e. Address changes and ACH payment changes) should be made here.

Payments to Non US Citizens and Entities

Please use the Supplier Request Form to request a Supplier ID number, so that payment may be requested to Accounts Payable, or to upload employee tax documents.

Non US Citizens and Entities Documentation
  • A non-US Entity Supplier (company, corporation, partnership, etc.) that is providing services to Georgetown University, whether that provision be within or outside of the United States, must complete Form W-8BEN-E, Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner. This completed and signed document (all eight pages) must be received prior to the assignment of a supplier ID number

  • A non-US Citizen individual, generally an independent contractor, residing and performing services outside of the United States, needs only to complete Form W-8BEN form to be set up as a supplier

  • If a non-US Citizen individual will be paid through Accounts Payable (e.g., honorarium, stipend, fellowship, royalty, prize, award, grant,  independent contractor services,etc.) and beleives he or she is eligible for treaty benefits, then he or she may submit a request to treaty benefits via the Georgetown University Nonresident Alien Tax Request Form. Please note that you will be asked to e-mail one pdf document named your legal name to that includes the following:

    • Foreign National Information Form
    • Form W-8BEN
    • Honorarium Eligibility Form (only required for honorarium payments)
    • Copy of letter stating the purpose of the payment (award letter, etc.)
    • Copy of a valid passport (including the page containing the passport photograph)
    • Copy of current visa
    • Copy of their I-20 or DS-2019 form (required for F or J visa holders)
    • Copy of permission letter (from their sponsored home institution if not Georgetown; applies to F and J visa holders)
    • The Tax Department will determine if Non US Citizen and Entity is eligible for treat benefits and contact the supplier for additional documentation.
Paying Individuals without a Social Security Number:

Non US citizens who are performing services and do not have a valid social security number (SSN), but have applied for a SSN may be set up the payroll system provided the following steps are followed:

Individual must apply for a SSN and obtain receipt from the Social Security Administration (SSA). The closest SSA office from main campus is located at 2100 M Street, NW. Once the individual received a SSN, he or she must provide a copy to the Tax Department and his or her Human Resources contact to update his or her payroll records.

Please note that all (US or Non-US) Individuals receiving ONLY reimbursements or refunds may be set up with a Supplier ID as non-reportable and do not have to provide the aforementioned documents.

Non-Reportable Payments

All individuals and entities need a GMS Supplier ID (SUP-XXXXXXX) to receive a payment from the University. 

If you are requesting a non-reportable payment to one of the spend categories below to an individual without a GMS Supplier ID, please make your request here. Please check for the individual or entity's name by running the 'GU Find Supplier' report in GMS or looking at the supplier list on the GMS webpage. 

The following types of payments may be set up without providing a W-9 or W-8BEN Form:

  • Non-Reportable Student (not required to perform any service for the payment) to U.S. Citizens for tax purposes (please note that non-U.S. Citizens must provide a W-8BEN for non service stipends, as indicated above)
  • Non-employees receiving reimbursements for travel and other expenses (including non-service stipends, awards, reimbursements​, etc.) to a non-US Citizen must provide W-8BEN form)
  • Petty Cash Custodians

Non-Reportable suppliers will be set up in one of two new Supplier Categories, and can only be paid using the following Spend Categories as appropriate.

  • Non-Reportable Student (This category is limited to U.S. Individuals)
    • Accounts Receivable - Student (S0467)
    • Fin Aid - Financial Aid (S0098)
    • Fin Aid - Undergraduate (S0097)
    • Non-Service Stipend (no tax) (S0189) 
    • Supplies - Student Reimbursement (S0760)
    • Travel & Bus - Student - Athlete Meals (S0798)
    • Plus all categories open to reimbusement payees below


  • Reimbursement

    • Oth Op Exp - Cost Reimbursement - No IDC (S0855)
    • Accounts Receivable - Student (S0467)
    • Accounts Receivable - Research Unbilled (S0465)
    • Athletics (Bats, Balls, other equipment) (S0266)
    • Casualty Property Claims (S0519) 
    • Medical Supplies (S0290)
    • Oth Op Exp - Miscellaneous Refunds (S0188)
    • PNC Bank (S0454)
    • Reserve for Cancelled Checks (S0507)
    • Refundable Government Loan Advances (S0513) 
    • Travel & Bus - Airfare - Domestic (S0325)
    • Travel & Bus - Airfare - International (S0326)
    • Travel & Bus - Baggage Fee (S0365)
    • Travel & Bus - Cabs, Parking, Metro, Tolls, Bus (S0265)
    • Travel & Bus - Car Rental (S0327)
    • Travel & Bus - Credits for Travel (S0262)
    • Travel & Bus - Hotel & Lodging - Domestic (S0328)
    • Travel & Bus - Hotel & Lodging - International (S0329)
    • Travel & Bus - Meals & Incidentals (S0364)
    • Travel & Bus - Mileage Reimbursement (S0330)
    • Travel & Bus - Miscellaneous (S0331)
    • Travel & Bus - Registration, Abstract, and Other Fees (S0332)
    • Travel & Bus - Space Rental - Event/Meeting (S0371)
    • Travel & Bus - Train (S0333)
    • Travel & Bus - Travel Agent Fees (S0334)
    • Refund of Revenue- Sales and Services of Auxiliary Enterprise (S0802)
    • Refund of Revenue- Sales and Services of Educational Departments (S0803)
    • Refund of Revenue- Other Sources of Revenue (S0804)


  • Petty Cash Custodian

    • Open to all Spend Categories

Once the supplier number is obtained, please request payment to Accounts Payable.

Requests to update current Supplier information should be submitted through the Supplier Request Form.