Unrelated Business Income

Before entering into revenue generating agreements please review Financial Affairs Policy FA 157.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, Georgetown University is generally exempt from income tax.  However, under certain circumstances income it receives may generate an income tax liability.

Generally, if the income received meets all three of the following criteria, it constitutes Unrelated Business Income (UBI);

  • It is income from trade or business
  • Such trade or business is regularly carried on by the organization
  • The conduct of such trade or business is not substantially related (other than through the production of funds) to the organization's performance of its exempt functions

However, there are many exceptions and special circumstances that may cause a revenue stream to be deemed UBI or exempted from tax.

The University is currently collecting FY18 information from all Main Campus, Medical Center, and Law Center departments, centers and institutes via the Georgetown University Annual Tax Department Questionnaire. To assist with completing the survey, please see this preparation sheet. This survey is due August 31, 2018 to the Tax Department.

Please e-mail taxdepartment@georgetown.edu with questions.