Contracts for Purchased Goods, Services, and Capital Construction

Joconde Gaubert,  Director of Contracts & Capital Projects

Nicole Crawford, Senior Contracts Manager

Sheeba S. George, UIS Senior Contracts Manager 

Tina Fullington, Contracts Manager

Thuy Nguyen, Contracts Manager

Kris Chewlin, Contractor

Elliott DeBose, Capital Finance Operations Specialist

The Contracts Department is a functional part of Georgetown Sourcing & Procurement Services (GS&PS) and serves as a resource in connection with multiple phases of contracts for purchased goods and services, including strategic sourcing and supplier selection; contract drafting, review, and negotiation; as well as, contract management. GU employees should involve GS&PS as early as possible when considering such purchases and adhere to GU’s Contracts Policy. Proposed transactions may not be finalized, and services cannot begin until a contract for the transaction has been reviewed and approved by GS&PS. 

GS&PS encourages the use of GU agreement templates for purchasing goods and services when possible. As appropriate, GS&PS Contract Managers may request contract-related input from other GU offices, including but not limited to Facilities, the Office of General Counsel, Risk Management, the Tax Department, Compliance and University Information Services. The turnaround time for contract review may vary depending on the complexity of the contract (e.g., the review of a supplier’s terms typically takes more time than the review of a contract using a GU template) and the extent to which input is needed from other GU offices. Following approval by GS&PS, a contract will be signed by an authorized signer in Financial Affairs and then will be approved in GMS, at which time a GMS Cost Center Buyer may issue a purchase order.  We encourage you to review the GS&PS Contracting Sourcing Guide to fully understand the 5-Step sourcing process.