David Green, Chief Financial Officer

Payroll Services

Internal Audit

Budget, Financial Planning and Treasury

  • Stella Apekey, Senior Associate Vice President for Budget, Financial Planning and Treasury Management (Eff. 8/1)
    • Vacant, Director of Capital, Debt and Liquidity Management
    • Maria Lee, Deputy University Budget Director-Operating Budgets and Analysis

Treasury Operations

Financial and Accounting Systems

Financial Reporting and Business Intelligence

Billing and Payment Services

Willem Roos, Chief Accounting Officer

Sponsored Projects Financial Operations

General Accounting

John C. Kotwicki, Associate Vice President for Tax & Special Assistant to the Vice President for Finance 

Tax Department

Georgetown Sourcing & Procurement Services

Operational Contracts

How to contact Operating Contracts:

Capital and Strategic Sourcing Contracts

Accounts Payable and ProCard

Accounts Payable

How to contact Accounts Payable:


  • Mark Painter, Administrator – Corporate Card Program
  • Tracey Knight, Senior Customer Service Agent The mission of the ProCard Office is to provide technical, administrative and training support for the University’s procurement card program.How to contact the ProCard Office:
    • Email: procard@georgetown.eduPostal & interoffice mail: ProCard Office, Georgetown University, Division of Financial Affairs, 2121 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20007ProCard Application PacketTo submit completed ProCard applications, please click here.