Direct Deposit

Setting up Direct Deposit in GMS

Georgetown Employees may set up direct deposit to one or more accounts by performing the following steps:

  1. Login to GMS by navigating to and entering your NetID and Password
  2. On the GMS Home Page, click the ‘Pay’ icon
  3. In the ‘Actions’ section, click ‘Payment Elections’
  4. Click the ‘Add Account’ button.
  5. Input an account nickname (while this field isn’t required, it is helpful if you are setting up more than one bank account for Direct Deposit).
  6. In the ‘Account Type’ field, click either ‘Checking’ or ‘Savings’ as appropriate
  7. In the ‘Bank Name’ field, input the name of your bank.
  8. Input the routing transit number associated with your financial institution, followed by your account number, as indicated (note: if using a paper check as a reference, be sure to not include the check number when entering in your account number); if you are having difficulty locating this information, contact your financial institution
  9. When finished, click ‘OK’
  • Note: Click  ‘Change Account’ to edit details about an account you have established in GMS
  • Note: Click ‘Delete Account’  to delete an Account from GMS
  • Note: Add ALL necessary accounts before editing your Payment Elections (which determines the amount of money to be distributed into each account); you can have up to 5 accounts listed for payment

Making Changes

Once you’ve established your payment elections, you may modify your Direct Deposit at any time by logging in to GMS and taking the following steps:

  1. On the GMS Home Page, click the ‘Pay’ icon 
  2. In the ‘Actions’ section, click ‘Payment Elections’
  3. To change the distribution of your payroll funds, or to change the destination account for payroll or expenses, click the ‘Change Election’ button (note: there will be TWO  ‘Change Account’ buttons: one for payroll and one for expenses; make sure to click the button corresponding to the desired modification)
  4. Any accounts set up previously, whether during the onboarding process or at any point after
  5. To add additional accounts for the election, click the ‘Add’  button
  6. On the blank row, click the ‘Prompt’  button for the following fields:
    1. Country – depending on your job location, United States of America will default
    2. Currency – depending on your job location, USD will default
    3. Payment Type – select ‘Direct Deposit’ or ‘Check’
  7. Click the ‘Prompt’  button and select the name of the account you wish to add (note: you will only get this option if direct deposit was selected as the payment type)