Policies, Procedures, Guides & Forms

  • The left menu affords users the ability to review Financial Affairs policies by functional area.  Descriptions of each policy, along with additional forms and guides, is found on the sub-pages. Below is a list of all current Financial Affairs policies and forms, searchable by name or policy number.

Policies (All)


Policy Number
Accounting for Applicable Credits FA 174
Accounting for Foreign Currency FA 135
Accounting for Pledges Receivable FA 180
Advance (At Risk) Accounts FA 179

Approval/Signature Authorization

FA 127

Approval/Signature Authorization Matrix

FA 127A
Banking and Cash Management FA 105
Budget Amendment Policy FA 110
Budget to Actual Report Review & Reconciliation FA 160
Business Asset - Capital Equipment FA 130
Business Travel and Entertainment FA 112
Cash Advance Policy FA 174
Clinical Trials FA 119
Construction in Progress (CIP) and Software in Progress (SIP) Capitalization FA 166
Contracts Policy FA 102
Direct Cost Allocation Policy FA 186

Distribution of Payroll Checks

FA 133

Donor Gift Processing Policy

FA 117
Employee Mobile Devices Tax Compliance FA 129

Endowment Fund Accounting Policy

FA 138
Expense Reimbursement Policy FA 111
FWS Program Reconciliation FA 176
Gift Policy FA 162
Joint Venture Policy FA 189
Merchant Payments, Processing FA 140

Net Asset Classification

FA 159
New Entities and Presence Policy / International Agreements Review Policy FA 177

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Policy

FA 192
Payroll Stop Payment FA 109
Payroll Withholding Forms Policy FA 108
PCI DSS Supplier Management Policy FA 193
Petty Cash & Imprest Checking Accounts FA 141
ProCard Policy FA 161
Position Budget & Roster Data Management Policy FA 194

Record Retention and Destruction Policy

FA 100
Reporting Cash Transactions FA 181
Returned Checks FA 137

Revenue Generating Agreement Policy

FA 157
Salary Overpayment Policy and Correction Procedures FA 164
SAO Accounting for Program Income FA 172
SAO Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects FA 132
SAO Cost Transfer on Sponsored Projects FA 113
SAO Disclosure Statement (DS2)  
SAO Effort Reporting FA 131
SAO Federal Small Business Subcontracting FA 190
SAO Financial Reporting and Closeouts FA 158
SAO Overdraft Monitoring Policy FA 149
SAO Participant Costs FA 107
SAO Reserve for Losses on Grants & Contracts FA 163
SAO Service Center Policy FA 122
SAO Subrecipient Monitoring FA 143
SAO Transfer of Unobligated Balances FA 146
SAO Cost Handbook  
Student Employees-FICA Policy 1012
Student Status Change Reporting FA 178
Tax Treatment and Reporting of Athletic and Other Events Policy 1015
Tax Treatment and Reporting of Moving Expenses Policy 1014
Tax Treatment of Subsidized University Housing for Officers, Faculty and Staff FA 169
Tax Treatment of University Provided Vehicles (HR Policy 1013) FA 167
Tuition Remission Tax Liability FA 103
Unclaimed Deposits of Electronic Receipts FA 120

Forms (All)

Accounts Payable Payment Forms

Budget Amendment

Chart of Accounts Maintenance

Contract Templates

Journal Job Aids

Journal Templates

Payroll Accounting Adjustment Forms

Petty Cash Reimbursement

Procurement Card

Sub-recipient Monitoring Forms

Miscellaneous Forms