Contracting/Purchasing Policies & Forms


The University is required to abide by certain laws, regulations and guidelines of local, state and federal agencies. Conditions of governmental and private awards typically dictate or prescribe particular procurement parameters. In an effort to procure the required goods and services for the University, situations may arise that require sole source procurement, where additional bids, although required by University policy and government regulations, cannot be obtained due to the nature of the goods or services being provided. These kinds of purchases are normally not allowed or recommended since they represent a higher risk for Georgetown University. Therefore the use of sole source purchases is limited only to specific instances mentioned below in order to justify the procurement of goods and services through the policy.

The policy regulates the procurement process for computers, peripherals, and software. 

This policy sets forth the review and approval process for non-employment, non-construction contracts involving the expenditure of funds by the University. Unless otherwise noted herein, these contracts must be reviewed by relevant campus experts and processed through Procurement & Payment prior to signature. 

This guide defines and highligths GS&PS, campus/department, and supporting organizations' roles, responsibilities and expectations throughout the 5-step sourcing process.

The purpose of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (“PCI DSS”) Policy is to secure payment card transaction data in order to protect account and personally identifiable information provided by cardholders using payment cards (e.g. credit cards or debit cards) for business with Georgetown University (the “University”). This policy defines and describes the responsibilities and required practices with respect to the receipt, use, storage, processing, and retention of payment card data to conduct University business.