Sales Tax Exemption Certificates

In order for a purchase to be exempt from sales tax, it must be limited to University purposes and the payment must be made by a GU employee with University funds (i.e. ProCard, GU Check). Purchases made with a GOCard or other prepaid cards do not qualify for exemption from sales tax in the District of Columbia per OTR Notice 2014-06

Please review the 'GU's Sales Tax Exemption Matrix' for verification of the types property or services that are exempt from sales tax. 

Georgetown University currently has sales tax exemptions in the jurisdictions below:

Jurisdiction and Expiration:

1. Florida 10/31/18

2. Illinois 06/01/17

3. Kentucky Indefinite

4. Maryland 09/30/2017

5. Massachusetts 12/20/18

6. Missouri Indefinite

7. New York Indefinite 

8. Ohio Indefinite 

9. Pennsylvania 09/30/16

10. Tennessee Indefinite

11. Texas Indefinite

12. Virginia 07/11/22 

13. District of Columbia Indefinite